Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review of Black City by Elizabeth Richards


          The Story

In a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer after a terrible war, sixteen-year-olds Ash Fisher, a half-blood Darkling, and Natalie Buchanan, a human and the daughter of the Emissary, meet and do the unthinkable--they fall in love. Bonded by a mysterious connection that causes Ash's long-dormant heart to beat, Ash and Natalie first deny and then struggle to fight their forbidden feelings for each other, knowing if they're caught, they'll be executed--but their feelings are too strong.

When Ash and Natalie then find themselves at the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens to pull the humans and Darklings back into war, they must make hard choices that could result in both their deaths.

         My Opinion

     To be honest I started reading Black City mainly because of the cover( it's amazing!!!!!). The dual perspectives worried me a little; I've read so many books where one perspective is terrible and the other is not much better. Thankfully my worries were for nothing, Richards was able to perfectly develop both perspectives. Ash fits the forbidden bad boy, who really just needs the chance to prove he's good, profile that I am obsessed with. I couldn't help but be team Ash, even when he was a bit douchey. Natalie, the girl everyone thinks is perfect, was the tool used to reveal the hidden atrocities surrounding a city on the verge of collapse. She grew on me and will definitely be a favorite for those who love kick-ass female characters.

     Black City was the perfect post apocalyptic Romeo and Juliet Story. Of course hot flawed boys are just what a girl needs in a good book.The hot guys, although very important, were not all that made this book such a good read. The plot never slowed and every detail that seemed so minor ended up being hugely important. As the fantasy world created in Black City began to unravel, I was just as surprised as the characters. Richards formed a puzzle of clues and hints that even Sherlock Holmes couldn't figure out. It was so refreshing to not have the obvious plot turns and twists.

       The fights were heartbreaking, the love stories made me cry and by the end the characters felt like old friends.  The romance was like every contemporary romance lovers dream. The conflicts felt like they could really happen. And most importantly the message was beyond beautiful. Black City is the book you read when you want  love, fantasy, and a beautiful message about tolerance wrapped up into a dark dystopian treasure.

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